Providing specialized repairs for performance and safety

Not only is Allied Crane a specialized crane rental service provider, we are also a crane repair service company. We specialize in repairs of self-erecting and tower cranes. Our proficient, knowledgeable technicians can repair your crane equipment components on-site, accurately and efficiently to get you back on track. Our team can ensure that you are on schedule for your project milestones with our convenient on-site crane repair services.

repair-repair2Even quality equipment cannot abstain from impairment or wear and tear after long term use. For instance, brake pad, spindle and rope wear are several issues that can arise over a few years. Whatever the cause, these issues can cost crane owners thousands of dollars in delays, jeopardize the quality of your workmanship and increase the risk to your workers’ safety.

We will work with you to inspect, repair, refurbish, modernize, and maintain your crane, so you can feel confident in its continued performance and extend its life span. More important is that regular maintenance of your equipment means increased quality in production and in the safety of your workers.

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