We Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

Erecting and Dismantling tower cranes is one of the most challenging jobs in the construction industry requiring highly skilled and trained personnel.

Allied Crane’s erecting and dismantling team is one of the best. We make difficult jobs look easy and are recognized in the industry for our outstanding record for installs and deconstructs that are on time, on budget and, most importantly, done safely.

When you work with Allied Crane, you can be rest assured that you are taken care of. We have the highest quality equipment and our rental and lease programs come with crane erecting and dismantling from our qualified team. We also erect and dismantle customer owned cranes.

Setting up equipment designed for heavy lifting is a specialized process with many components to consider before, during and after assembly. Our crews are trained professionals with the technical knowledge and skillset required to perform erection of your cranes, testing and fully safety certifying each build. 

When it comes time for disassembly, we know the complex procedure and are the best at disassembling and lowering each crane piece by piece, in the right order, safely and efficiently. Allied Crane has been assembling and disassembling tower and self-erecting cranes on sites for 30 years.

We take care of the heavy lifting for you.