Our Top Priority

Your tower crane is a highly valuable tool for you to complete your project on time and on budget. It is also one of the highest risk tools you have on your site, especially when it comes to the safety of your workers, delivery drivers and site visitors. It is a specialized piece of equipment requiring knowledgeable, skilled people to make sure your crane does what it’s supposed to and, most importantly, operate safely.

At Allied Crane safety is inherent in everything we do. It is our top priority. In every crane we put together we go through a rigorous safety and assembly checklist at every stage of the build.

We have the latest in Crane Cameras for maximum operator visibility over your entire site, Anti Collision Systems for multiple crane sites, and Zone Systems and supporting software. When the tower crane has passed all inspections and is ready for your use, we have a maintenance and repair service available to ensure everything operates smoothly and safely.

Our commitment to your safety does not end with the assembly and operation. We have a highly trained climbing team to handle all your top and inside climbing needs. Once the project is complete and the crane needs to be taken down, our climbing team is the best at safely and efficiently dismantling a complex multi component crane.

Allied Crane employees on your site are all certified technicians and crane specialists recognized by Work Safe BC.