Experts in Top and Inside Climbing Services 

We have highly trained teams able to tackle all your climbing and rigging services on all types of tower and self erecting cranes. Our skill and expertise can handle all your climbing situations, inside or out, erecting or dismantling.

Whether you need to “climb up” during the construction of your building, or “climb down” for its dismantling, the act of climbing is very precise work that should only be done by experienced personnel. Our climbing team is a full crew, specifically trained to provide the technical support that a complex multi component crane requires.

Allied Crane has over 30 years of repair services utilizing our factory training to be able to guide you through the process and help you select the best climbing method for your project, whether it’s inside-the-building bottom climbing or outside-the-building top climbing.

With Allied Crane, you can rely on us to get your critical climbing jobs done safely and expertly.